Weekly Curbside Trash Pickup
Up to Six trash bags per week starting at $49 a month!

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Regular $49/Month Curbside Trash Pick Up

You can put out up to six kitchen size trash bags (13/15 gallon size) or up to three 30 gallon bags a week. Monthly payments of $49 or Quarterly payments of $147.

Large $69/Month Curbside Trash Pick Up

You can put out up to six 30 gallon bags a week. Monthly payments of $69 or Quarterly payments of $207.

Small $39/Month Curbside Trash Pick Up

You can put out up to three kitchen size trash bags (13/15 gallon size) a week. Monthly payments of $39 or Quarterly payments of $117. Small plan only offered in some areas, please contact us to see if this plan is available in your area.

Any non-municipal roads, dirt roads, or if your mailbox is at a separate location than your house or driveway may not be eligible for curbside service or may require an additional fee(see drive-down for more details).

Weekly Garage/House Side Trash Pick Up

Drive-down Service:
  • For an additional $36 a month we will back up into your driveway and pickup the bags next to your garage/house.
  • Our trucks need to be able to fit down your driveway and must be able to drive within a meter of your trash unobstructed by anything including vehicles.
  • Drive-down service is limited to no more than a quarter of a mile from the nearest connecting road.
  • Any damages incurred by our vehicles we will not take responsibility nor liability for including but not limited to liquids leaked from our vehicles or lawn damage.
  • Due to inclement weather, private roads/ driveways not properly treated to the standard of municipal roadways will not be serviced until safely traversable for truck and driver. In these conditions please notify us, and we can suspend drive-down service until rectified and retrieve trash from closest municipally treated roadway.

Extra Trash

  • For extra bags beyond your plan they will be charged as follows to your account: 13gal/15gal bag: $2 each, 30gal bag: $4 each, contractors bag: $6 each. Price per bag increases dependent on weight at a rate of $2 per 10 lbs over weight limit rounded up to nearest 10 lbs. Weight limits are 10 lbs per 13gal/15gal bag, 20 lbs per 30gal bag, and 30 lbs per contractors bag. Weight limits are half for recycling, 5 lbs per 13gal/15gal bag, 10 lbs per 30gal bag, and 15 lbs per contractors bag.
  • Please let us know ahead of time if you plan on putting out more than double your plan, or we not be able to take it all.
  • Cost of anything else is based on weight and size and may not be taken if not contacted prior to pick up.
  • We do not take paper bags and all bags must be tied or taped closed.

Trash Bins

  • Trash bins may be purchased during signup.
  • Current cost of a 64 gallon trash bin is $110 to purchase.
  • Current cost of a 96 gallon trash bin is $130 to purchase.
  • If you would like to purchase a trash bin after signup please contact us.
  • Any delivery fees and taxes are already included in the listed price.
  • You may use your own trash bins or no bins at all. (if you opt to not use trash bins, animals may get into your trash, and we cannot guarantee we will have time to clean up your trash, there is a cleanup fee for cleaning up loose trash.)

Outside Our Service Area

  • Some dirt, private, lake, and coastal roads are not serviced or may require an additional charge for service.
  • You will be contacted after sign up if you are outside our service area.
  • Currently, areas outside our service area include but are not limited to Pawtuckaway State Park and some lake roads in Nottingham, Southwest of Northwood Lake and some lake roads in Northwood, some lake roads(Berry River Rd, Long Shores Dr) in Barrington, coastal area(Drakes Island, Atlantic Ave, Webhannet Dr, etc.) east of route 1 in Wells.
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Many Trash Toters

Curbside Pickup Schedule

Pickup is from 7am - 7pm

  • Monday: Berwick, North Berwick, South Berwick, Wells
  • Tuesday: Dover, Rollinsford, Somersworth
  • Wednesday: Barrington, Lee, Madbury, Newmarket, Northwood, Nottingham, Strafford
  • Thursday: Eliot, Kittery, Kittery Point, Portsmouth
  • Friday: Special Pickups

*If your town is not on this list then please contact us, and we will do our best to start picking up in your town too!

*If pick up is delayed for any reason such as a holiday you will be notified via email/text/phone call.


We will take up to four kitchen size trash bags (13/15 gallon size) of recycling per week for free with the regular or large curbside plan. One bag of recycling is included with the small plan. We ask for your recycling to be bagged, single stream (different materials can be in the same bag), and set next to your regular trash. We do not accept paper bags and all bags must be tied closed. All cardboard must be broken down and bound together and not exceed 3 feet in length, width, or height. We equate about 1 cubic foot of cardboard to be equal to one 13gal bag of recycling.